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Applications are welcome from those wishing to explore and learn pastoral practice.

Requirements for admission and the application procedures are available from the relevant CPE Centre. Please contact your closest CPE Centre for more details.  CPE Centres



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The Reverend Emeritus Professor John Paver Memorial Fund

John Paver was passionate about Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) as a means of personal and professional formation for ministry.  Originally ordained as a Churches of Christ minister in 1965, John was received by transfer to the Uniting Church in 1995.  John founded both the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital CPE Centres.  He was appointed Director of Pastoral Care and CPE at Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital in 1990.  At this time John was also the Director of Ministry Studies at the Melbourne College of Divinity.  In 1993 John was appointed Professor of Ministry with the Uniting Church Theological Hall.  He pioneered the development of the Supervised Urban Ministry Program.  He founded the Victorian Association for Theological Field Education (for more details see the Memorial Minute at

This Memorial Fund, established by the then Association for Supervised Pastoral Education in Australia Incorporated (ASPEA Inc.), is to encourage people wanting to complete a unit of CPE within a Victorian CPE Centre.  This encouragement will come in the form of an amount of funding provided according to the merits of each case.  Applicants must have already successfully completed a Level 1 CPE Unit.

The CPE Centre at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre will provide one place within its Centre every four years reflecting the significant ministry and educational contribution John made at this Centre.  Three further places, funded from the John Paver Memorial Fund, will enable participation in a CPE unit conducted in another CPE Centre within Victoria.


These partially funded CPE positions will be offered on rotation as follows:

Year 1 Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre;

Year 2 John Paver Fund;

Year 3 John Paver Fund;

Year 4 John Paver Fund


At any time Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre or another CPE Centre may provide additional scholarships for CPE positions under the auspices of the John Paver Memorial Fund.  These positions will follow the same application process.  Applicants are asked to see the Centre Director of the CPE Centre to which they are applying for a CPE Unit for further details.