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About ASACPEV Executive
ASACPEV Incorporated Executive Committee is made up of a cross section of people who are passionate about CPE and supervision. Executive meet every second month to reflect and manage the necessary changes to improve CPE and the process of supervision.  ASACPEV Executive is working toward excellence in the practice of supervision and pastoral care.

ASACPEV Executive

Dan Murphy - President

Dan is Centre Director of a new CPE Centre in North-east Victoria. He lives in rural Victoria, in Euroa, with Mary, having moved there in 2014. Dan works 2 days per week as Coordinator of Pastoral Care at Northeast Health Wangaratta.

Dan is actively involved in several key strategic relationships which are central to ASACPEV, including ongoing interaction with Spiritual Health Victoria, engagement with Spiritual Care Australia (SCA), and the ground-breaking negotiations with the University of Divinity regarding the integration of CPE into the University’s academic awards, and the acknowledgement of ASACPEV’s Supervisory members as members of the Academic Staff of the University. These relationships are highly important in ASACPEV’s future directions and development. Dan is also actively engaged with the Australia and New Zealand Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ANZACPE), having served on its Executive for the last 3 years.

David Glenister - Vice President

David Glenister is a Clinical Pastoral Supervisor.


Jane Monk - Secretary

Jane is a Pastoral Care Practitioner at St George's Hospital in Kew, having completed 3 CPE units at Austin Health in 2016 / 2017, and accredited at the Advanced CPE level in November 2017.  Prior to moving into the Pastoral Care profession, Jane worked in the Workplace Rehabilitation profession and held senior roles in their Association (ARPA).






Andrew Somerville - Registrar

Andrew works at St John of God Pinelodge Clinic as a Pastoral Serivce Coordinator and SJOG CPE Centre Director, as well as working for Mercy Health Coordinating CPE units with a mental health focus. Andrew is a Clinical Pastoral Supervisor with ASACPEV.



Shirley Nash  - Treasurer

Shirley is a Clinical Pastoral Supervisor who completed CPE, and supervises, at the Repatriation Campus of Austin Hospital.  Her previous roles have been in Education (in both schools and Staff Development units in Government Departments).  She was most recently Anglican Chaplain at The Royal Children’s Hospital and has completed 2 years as Secretary of ANZACPE.  She currently co-ordinates the afternoon supervision sessions at the Chaplains’ Professional Development Program organized by Spiritual Health Victoria and Spiritual Care Australia.





Carina Lobo
Carina is the past President

Carina undertook Clinical Pastoral Education training, which was a formative experience, at the Austin & Repatriation Medical Centre in 1996 and 1997.  Carina became a member of ASACPEV Inc. in 1997 and supervisory member, as accredited Pastoral Supervisor, in 1999.  She has worked as Pastoral Care Practitioner since 1998 in a variety of contexts and settings, including mental health and aged care.  The strength of Carina's contribution is her investment in reflection on experience, her love of writing and of telling the story, central to which is the living, human document (Anton Boisen) and the uniqueness of each person as the starting point which continually informs, reframes and keeps relevant our thinking about Pastoral Care


Allison Whitby

Allison is the Representative to ANZACPE.

Allison is a Clinical Pastoral Educator and has been Director of the Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital CPE Centre for 19 years while concurrently Director of the Austin Hospital CPE Centre for 9 years. She has a passion for extending the availability of CPE to regional areas, sharing the resources of ASPEA’s history and expertise with other CPE Associations in Australia and New Zealand and for the exchange of ideas, practices, collegiality and creativity which are the gifts of broad engagement in the sphere of experiential learning. Allison is a past president of ASPEA Inc. and ANZACPE, current chair of the ANZACPE Professional Standards committee, member of ASPEA Inc Registration & Certification committee, Chair of Spiritual Health Victoria’s Education and Research Advisory Committee and member of Spiritual Care Australia’s Education & Equivalency Advisory Group. In January 2015 Allison also took up the role of CPE Liaison Officer for the University of Divinity. This was a new appointment created to facilitate the revised process and new partnership between the University and ASPEA Inc. for the crediting of CPE units within University of Divinity Awards.


Heather Somerville

Heather is a Clinical Pastoral Supervisor and Pastoral Care Practitioner at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne. Prior to this position Heather was engaged in various forms of church based ministry within the Baptist tradition as well as interdenominational organisations. Heather accepted the role of Chairperson of the Registration and Certification committee of ASACPEV at the beginning of 2014.

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